How to Measure ROI on Recruitment Marketing

Recruiters and staffing professionals often spend loads of time and money on marketing efforts to help their business stand out from the 20,000+ staffing and recruiting firms in the US. With so many marketing channels and strategies, there’s a lot to play with, which begs the question: 

“What marketing strategies/efforts are paying off?” 

If you break down the three most basic ROI recruitment marketing metrics, they include: 

Brand awareness – How well known is your brand?  

Pipeline growth – When marketing campaigns turn into direct revenue 

Promoters – How well liked is your brand and how do people talk about it? 

Just about every marketing campaign aims to impact at least one of these metrics but the trouble is accurately measuring them. In this blog post, we’ll take a deeper look at how to prove ROI with these marketing channels: 

  • Social media 
  • Third party review sites 
  • Website 

Social Media 

With 70 percent of people using social media daily in North America, it’s one of the best places to reach candidates but also one of the murkier options for measuring ROI. With metrics like reach, engagement, likes, shares and reactions  there’s a lot to play with. Social marketing best practices suggest starting with a goal like building brand awareness or boosting pipeline and then determining which metrics align with that goal.  

The trick is to start with a very specific goal and aligning it with exact numbers and a realistic time frame. 

Here are a few examples of some goals and metrics: 

  • Increase brand awareness by gaining 100 new Facebook likes and 20 reactions in a month 
  • Place two new candidates that came directly from a tweet in a week or less 
  • Boost awareness by gaining 100 new connections from LinkedIn over a two-month span
  • Place 10 new candidates from all social channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) with $150 in ad spending over a month 

Whether you achieve your goal or not, you’ll learn over time what works and what doesn’t. Practice makes perfect, right? Need ideas on how to get started? Check out our guide on How to Maximize Your Facebook Business Account for Recruiting. 

Third Party Reviews 

Ever Googled your business? Were you surprised by what you found? With a plethora of third-party review sites like Glassdoor and Google, there’s a lot of content out there that can deeply hurt or help your staffing business. 

While it’s often difficult to provide exact ROI from these third-party sites, having a good average review is never a bad sign. If reviews on these sites are not as good as they could be, launching a campaign to current clients asking them to write a review can dramatically help your brand AND make it easier to prove value.  

For example, let’s say your Google review of your business is currently 4.2 (out of 5). Your goal is to boost it by .4. To achieve your goal, you email 100 clients asking them to give your business a review on Google and aim for 10% completion. After a week or so, you check back on Google and found that 15 new people wrote reviews, many of which contributed to a better average score of 4.6. You’ve exceeded your goal and can easily report back on the success.  

Bonus: Use your favorite Google, Glassdoor or other third-party reviews for your marketing content. Whether it’s for a social media campaign or content for your website, it’s free, high-quality content that’s from someone outside your business. 


Typically, websites are often the crème de la crème of your marketing engineYour website provides a glimpse into who your business is, helps answer questions and ultimately, drives leadsLike social media, there are literally hundreds of metrics to report on but for the sake of time, let’s look at two important ones that are easier to measure ROI on: 

Visits – How many people visit your website a day? How about a month? Is your traffic growing year-over-year? Which pages are your highest converting pages? Answering these questions is the foundation for a solid ROI measurement. If you haven’t already, be sure to get analytics on your website. Free tools like Google Analytics work wonderfully to prove and report on ROI. Here’s a free guide to installing Google Analytics if your website is hosted through WordPress 

Conversion rate – With the traffic you do have, how can you optimize it to ensure it’s capturing the maximum amount of leads possible? Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO for short does just that. Check out this blog from the folks at Venture Harbour, they wrote out 100+ ideas to test on your website for higher conversion rates. The best part of CRO? It’s easy to report on ROI. Using free tools like Google Analytics, you can prove what did or didn’t work with your CRO efforts. Often, just changing one thing, like one less field in a resume upload form can produce dramatically more leads.  

While this blog just barely scratched the surface of measuring ROI on recruitment marketing, hopefully it gave your business a good place to start with. For additional assistance with your marketing efforts, give our blog, 8 Marketing Strategies Your Staffing Firm Can’t Afford to Ignore a read for some helpful strategies and ideas.  

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