Why You Need to Measure Satisfaction of Each Client, Branch

If revenues are up and your staff is busy, your clients must be happy right?

Maybe. The economy is strong now and there is plenty of pent-up demand from when things were slower. However, what happens when there is another economic downturn? Will you have a firm grasp on how to meet your clients’ needs to retain and increase business?

Regular surveys are the only way to learn how your clients feel about your service. Follow these best practices for optimal survey accuracy.

Don’t Slant the Questions.

We’ve all taken surveys where it was nearly impossible to give negative feedback because of the way the questions are structured. This is great for surveyors looking to post great satisfaction statistics, not so great if you want to really dig into what you are doing right and wrong and are prepared to make substantial changes.

Don’t Just Sample.

Survey every client at every location. That’s the only way to find out what each client needs and how you are doing at meeting those needs. Separate data by branch to identify patterns and really understand what makes some branches excel and others perform below par.

Don’t Kill the Messenger.

Look at the data you collect objectively and analyze it to see how you can do better. Getting defensive and questioning your results will not lead to improvement. Your goal is to retain clients and increase revenues and profitability. Only by assessing where you stand can you accomplish this.

Do Identify Best Practices.

Which branches have the most satisfied clients? Are there patterns in the types of clients you serve well and the industries in which you can improve? Once you know which branches are the most successful, duplicate those practices in other locations. Surveys are just a tool to learn more. Putting your findings into action is how you drive business success.

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