Implementing Recruiter Training Programs in Your Staffing Firm

The best staffing firms build a team that combines veteran reps who bring a wealth of hands-on knowledge, with newer recruiters who are eager to learn. It’s important to find ways to train them both in your preferred method of doing business for consistent results.

So, what’s the best way to get first-timers up to speed while also nudging the experienced into trying a fresh approach?

Assess where you are. What are your current team’s strengths and weaknesses? Address those first when crafting for your ROI training before moving into creating more advanced trainings.

Survey the team. Ask what they would like to learn more about to perform their job more effectively. Make room in your training program for their preferences. By doing this, you’ll provide more practical training and will likely improve engagement.

Assign mentors. Pair your newbies with your experienced people. They can learn from the veterans and the seasoned recruiters may be able to look at their process through a fresh set of eyes.

Keep up with tech. Even the best staffing technology will be just a drag on your resources if your recruiters don’t understand how to use its features to make their jobs easier and more effective. Make sure that any systems you purchase come with beginner and refresher training.

Train them in what works. You or your veteran recruiters have likely developed best practices over the years. Share the best of them with your new employees rather than expecting them to find their own way.

Be open to new ideas. By the same token, new employees often come with fresh ideas. Don’t dismiss something new before considering whether you might be able to improve or update your practice.

Train interviewing techniques. Effective interviewing is an art. Teach every recruiter to interview for skills and cultural fit through standard and behavioral interviewing techniques. Emphasize the importance of follow-up and probing questions. Make sure your recruiters understand what they legally can and cannot ask.

Recruiters are busy and they make their living by making sales. Training is important, but spread the process out so they don’t fall behind on their day-to-day work. Consider piggybacking training with regular staff meetings to minimize interruption. And check in regularly to make sure the training is improving performance and ROI.

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