How to Alleviate Information Overload When Implementing a New ATS

Bringing a new ATS into your staffing firm can mean a big boost in productivity and profitability, but as with all new things, there is a definite learning curve.

So, streamline the implementation process and quickly get your team up to speed in adopting your new applicant tracking system.

Choose your champions. In every organization, there are those who are quick to adapt to change. Look to these individuals to keep a positive spin on the challenges of the new system. Train them first and clear some time in their schedule during the first weeks so they can be the go-to for fellow employees who may have questions.

Focus on results. You chose your new ATS based on what it can do for your organization; streamline operations, gain control of your application process, empower your team, boost profitability and get more done. It’s easy to lose sight of these goals when dealing with the daily headaches of incorporating a new system into your current process. Reduce stress levels by keeping the finish line in mind.

Allow plenty of practice time. Before going live with your new system, give your employees time to play with its features and interface before going live. This provides a more efficient method of identifying bottlenecks or other problems while reducing any frustrations on launch day.

Select your vendor wisely. Many ATS systems look great on paper. You’ll see lists of great features or a surprisingly affordable price and eagerly sign up. Step back for just a moment, ask the right questions and check reviews. Will this ATS function seamlessly mesh with your current processes? Is free training provided during implementation and as needed? How are upgrades handled? A bit of due diligence up front can prevent any hiccups down the road.

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