Create a Sales Prospecting Workflow for your Staffing Company

What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is the process of finding, identifying, and reaching out to potential sales. This includes outbound cold calls or emails. Prospecting is critical to building and maintaining a steady pipeline of leads to work through your sales funnel.

Tips for Successful Sales Prospecting

Build out your CRM

Before you can begin sales outreach, you first need to find potential customers. Networking sites like LinkedIn are a great way to find common connections and search for potential clients in your area. Parsing and sourcing tools then make it quick and easy to pull prospect data into your CRM. Then, within your CRM, you can build outreach lists through targeted searches and track your outreach activity.

Increase Cold Call Velocity

Did you know that 44% of salespeople give up after just one call? However, Velocify research states that the ideal number of cold calls to make a sale is six. In the case of cold calling, more is more. Therefore, you need to prioritize time for prospect outreach within your sales team. Check out our recommendations for memorable cold calls as well.

Track Activity

When prospecting, be sure to track your activity in your CRM. Be sure to keep notes about your call so you can constantly build upon each conversation. Look for a CRM that makes out reach and activity tracking easy with automated call, email and text logs and embedded, in-app communication tools.

The video below demonstrates how your staffing firm’s sales team can manage your prospecting and outreach workflow using Avionté’s CRM. Avionté’s other tips for staffing sales growth will help your firm stay ahead of the curve and win in the market.

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