How to Set (and Manage) Staffing Customer Expectations

How often have you heard you should always under promise and over deliver? There are few industries in which this is more important than in staffing.

Customers want the biggest bang for their buck (employers) or to find their dream job (candidates). It’s up to you to show you are the firm best able to give them what they want.

Here are a few ways to ensure you exceed their expectations:

Provide realistic timeframes. If your client wants a full stack developer who attended an Ivy League university and can play shortstop on the company softball team, it’s going to take you longer to fill the bill than if they are looking for a few people to unload trucks during a seasonal rush. Give the client a detailed outline of the steps you will take to recruit the right person and how long each step to take.

Always build in a cushion. If you submit a candidate’s resume to an employer and he asks when he can expect to hear back, be honest, but conservative. If you know when the client needs to fill the position or what their typical turnaround time is, tell the candidate – after adding a bit of extra time. No candidate is going to fault you for getting back to you sooner than you had promised.

Commit to follow-up. Contrary to popular opinion, no news is not good news for those who are working with a recruiter. Stay in touch with each client and candidate you are working with. Utilize CRM programs to keep track of who you owe a call or email to. Don’t avoid making a difficult call and don’t wait until you have news to update them. Keep them in the loop so they always know what’s going on.

Follow the Golden Rule. Always remember that you and your customers are on the same team. Treat them with respect and be transparent in your interactions with them. Be honest if a request is outside your area of expertise. Refer them to the right person, if you know where to steer them, but don’t take on projects you don’t have the resources to complete.

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