r2 Technologies

Case Study

The Company

r2 Technologies Inc. is an IT placement and staffing firm focused on finding talented Information Technology professionals to work with Fortune 50 companies, mid-size organizations, and start-ups in North Texas. r2 Technologies is here to help clients find the perfect candidate every time!

The Challenge

With a previous ATS that left a lot to be desired, r2 Technologies decided to look for something different. Wanting more than just a software provider, r2 was looking for a business partner and a system that would aide in the growth of business.

The Solution

Since implementing the Avionté ATS / CRM into their organization, r2 Technologies has experience a tremendous return on investment. In two years, they have grown 104%. The differences from their previous recruiting software to Avionté that lead to r2’s massive growth were due to Avionté’s powerful search, clean user interface, straightforward workflow, and customer support.

“Recruiters were able to utilize Avionté’s database search tools better. This allowed them to contact the appropriate candidate timelier, which reduced the “wait time” for sendouts.”

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