How Do You Know You’re Getting Good Advice from Your Tech Teams? 7 Things to Look Out For

The staffing industry sits uniquely at the crossroads of people and technology. From managing large volumes of candidate data to leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) for better matches and using cloud-based systems for seamless operations, the right technology not only delivers a competitive advantage but also helps you retain the best recruiters. And, fundamentally, it can position you as the staffing agency of choice, creating a major sales advantage that sets your agency apart from competitors by meeting your clients’ needs more quickly and efficiently.

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A solid tech setup can transform an agency’s efficiency and effectiveness, but it requires capable tech leaders to truly shine. When evaluating new technology, certain questions must be addressed: How will this technology improve outcomes for my clients? Can it help my team accomplish more with less effort? Can it accelerate talent delivery?

With technology now a major factor in business success, having the right tech leaders on your team who can help you answer these questions is mission critical. They not only provide the technical know-how, but also help align tech projects with your agency’s strategic goals, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

Tech leaders who are both technically skilled and strategically savvy can guide agencies through this complex landscape, helping you to make the smart decisions that drive the business forward.

As Tom Kosnik, President of Visus Group, states in our recent Avionté: Digital Edge podcast on “What Leadership Skills are Needed to Drive Technological Change“: “A lot of organizations have individuals that are the Directors of IT or are CIOs, but they’re not qualified to be Directors of IT or CIOs. The job has now overgrown their capabilities to make good technology decisions. So, making sure that you have the right person in that seat, and understanding the competencies you need in that job for that individual to succeed is critical.”

How Do You Know If Your Tech Leaders Are Adding Value to Your Business

So, how can you be sure you’re getting the best advice from your tech teams? Here are seven key indicators to look for to ensure your tech leaders and advisors are truly adding value to your business.

7 Key Indicators that Tech Leaders Are Adding Value to Your Business

  1. Commitment to Continuous Learning and Staying Updated

    A top-notch tech advisor is always learning and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. This includes developments in architecture, security, and emerging technologies. The tech landscape evolves rapidly, and an advisor who keeps up with these changes can provide the most relevant and effective solutions for your business. They should regularly attend industry conferences, participate in webinars, and engage with tech communities to stay informed.

  2. Alignment with Your Business Strategy and Objectives

    Effective tech advisors understand your business inside out. They share a clear point of view about your competitive advantage and align their tech recommendations with your critical business objectives and future goals. This means they are not just tech experts but strategic partners who look at technology through the lens of your business needs. They should ask questions about your long-term vision and help you craft a tech strategy that supports that vision.

  3. Thorough Vetting and Testing of Ideas

    Before implementing any new technology or process, a reliable tech team will carefully vet and test their ideas. They spend as much time considering the impact on your people as they do on the technology itself. This means conducting thorough user testing, gathering feedback, and making data-driven decisions. It’s about balancing innovation with practicality, ensuring that any new implementation is both effective and user-friendly.

  4. Excellent Listening and Networking Skills

    Good tech advisors are excellent listeners and networkers. They regularly engage with frontline users to understand what’s working and what isn’t. By maintaining open lines of communication with those who use the systems daily, they can gather invaluable insights and make informed decisions. They attend networking events, connect with other industry professionals, and keep a finger on the pulse of the latest user experiences and feedback.

  5. Objectivity and Focus on Company Objectives Over Personal Interests

    It’s crucial for your tech team to put the company’s objectives ahead of their own personal interests. Many technologists have a passion for building their own applications, but an effective advisor knows when to recommend third-party solutions over custom-built ones. They should be objective, without bias towards their own creations, and always consider the best interests of the company. This involves a clear understanding of when to integrate third-party software and when custom solutions are truly necessary for a competitive edge.

  6. Preference for Proven Standard Platforms with Customization Where Needed

    Unless there is an extraordinarily compelling and unique business case, staffing agencies should work with proven standard platforms. These platforms offer reliability and are easier to manage. Custom software should only be used when it can be well-managed and offers a significant competitive advantage. Effective tech advisors understand this balance and will guide you towards standard solutions while advising on strategic customizations only as needed to truly benefit your business.

  7. Focus on Simplification and Core Business Objectives

    Finally, a good tech team prioritizes simplifying day-to-day work and achieving core business goals over adding unnecessary complexity. They know that excessive customization can lead to cumbersome systems that hinder productivity. Instead, they strive to streamline processes and make technology a seamless part of your operations. They recognize that customization should have its limits to ensure that the systems remain user-friendly and effective.

The right tech leaders can make all the difference for your staffing business. Look for technology experts who are committed to continuous learning, align with your business strategy, vet their ideas thoroughly, listen to frontline users, remain objective, favor standard platforms with strategic customization, and focus on simplification. These seven indicators help you evaluate the effectiveness of your tech leaders and ensure they positively contribute to your business goals.

At the intersection of technology and business strategy, the right leaders can propel your business forward. Keep these seven indicators in mind when selecting your IT and technology leaders, and you’ll be well-equipped to make your tech team a true driver of your company’s success.

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