How to Grow your Book of Business

Update: Be sure to check out our most recent post on effective strategies for growing your staffing business Staffing Strategies: Grow Your Sales Book of Business in 2024.

What is a Book of Business?

A book of business is a list of clients or prospects for which you are responsible. These are accounts a relationship manager or salesperson is responsible for maintaining or growing. Growing your book of business is key to increase sales and revenue.

How to Grow your Book of Business in Staffing Sales

Track your Clients’ Competitors

Ask your current book of business who their competitors are. This helps you understand how to help them differentiate. Knowing their competitors also creates an additional pipeline of clients and prospects your team may be able to assist in the future. Be careful not to create a conflict of interest, but use this instead to expand your network and knowledge of the industry.

Skill Market Candidates

Skill marketing is the process of proactively presenting stellar candidates to clients in your book of business, even if they aren’t currently hiring for that position. Skill marketing and establishes your credibility as a source of great talent. If the candidate is strong enough, the client may make an exception and snap up that talent while they can. In the case that they can’t hire that candidate immediately, you position yourself well for the client to reach out to you the next time they need to fill that position.

Leverage Current Clients

Acquiring a new customer can cost 5x more than keeping your current clients. Instead of targeting net-new clients, increase sales by leveraging your current relationships. Review your current clients’ other open opportunities and present them candidates, even outside your specialization. Use your connections and networking tools to find qualified candidates or skill market impressive talent to your contacts to drive additional sales.

The following video outlines this method to diversify your book of business and increase visibility within your team. For more sales team tips, check out our posts on building a prospecting workflow and improving your outreach workflow.

For more ways to build your book of business, check out Staffing Strategies: Grow Your Sales Book of Business in 2024.

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