Learning From the Lost Sale: How to Move Forward

Nobody makes every sale. It’s simply a business reality. Staffing and recruiting are no different. There are many factors you can’t control, but there are some you can. The important thing is that you learn from the experience and take any necessary measures to be sure it doesn’t happen again.

Consider these steps on the path to moving on.

Be a good sport.

Don’t turn a “no” from a client to a “never.”Be gracious in defeat, ask if there is anything you could have done differently (which they may or may not answer honestly) and keep the door open for future business. Don’t make the separation any more awkward than it has to be. Don’t forget to keep in touch; you never know if they might find the grass wasn’t greener after all.

Conduct a post-mortem.

Understand the difference between analysis and wallowing. The former identifies weak points that can be bolstered in future circumstances. The latter places you in a destructive spiral of self-pity. Partner with a supervisor or a more experienced colleague who can keep you on track and point out factors you may not have noticed.

Sometimes it is you.

You didn’t get enough rest. You failed to prepare. You didn’t listen to what the client was saying, so you offered a solution that didn’t make sense. Review all the other factors, check your own performance and see where you can improve. If you have a big client meeting coming up, get plenty of rest, practice your presentation and do whatever you can to make sure you can close the deal with confidence.

Take a break.

Once you’ve reviewed what went wrong, it’s time to move on. Reset your attitude with whatever you enjoy to relieve stress. Mountain bike, bake cookies, go for a run. Do whatever it takes to step away from the frustrations of work and return refreshed.

Get back to work.

Call the next person on your list and get on with it. Put the past behind you and use what you’ve learned to do a better job this time around. Soon that lost sale will be a distant memory. All lost sales are good lessons for improvement.

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