Web Presence & Recruiting

Web Presence & Recruiting

The average company cut about 6 days off its hiring cycle by posting jobs on-line, another 4 days by taking on-line applications instead of paper ones, and more than a week by screening and processing applications electronically.[1]

Web Presence and Recruting

We are a virtual world and maintaining an online presence has become a necessary part of our daily routine. If you’re not logged on, you’re missing out. There are plenty of avenues we can go through to find the best talent before the competition does: from social media, to recruiting software, to job listings – in order to nab the best – you need to be active and visible online.

Your Website – Branding: Do you judge a company by their website? Yes, yes you do. A website is the first and most important step to the hiring process because this is the first impression your company will make on 94% of job seekers. By putting your best website forward, you will earn the confidence of your visitors. Improve your image and let your website do the endorsing for you.


Social Media – Real-time Candidate Engagement: Endorsing current and past coworkers on LinkedIn, re-tweeting an article that resonated with you, or liking a company page on Facebook, are the new norm when it comes to creating and maintaining a professional existence. By establishing an active presence on social media, you become relevant. And when you’re relevant, people want to be a part of what you’re doing.


Hiring Technology – Business Power: Fast is the speed of business, which means that the time to hire has decreased. As such, it is necessary to utilize tools and technologies which allow you to attract and communicate with candidates in an efficient and streamlined manner. Insert SaaS and the modern Applicant Tracking / Customer Relationship Management Systems. Aside from saving you time, these tools make the sourcing and hiring process easier by augmenting the recruiting cycle and reducing time spent on mundane administrative tasks.


In the rapidly evolving world of trying to attract and find the best talent, establishing an active web presence is crucial and should become a key priority in your organization.


[1] HBR.org

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