Fuel Talent

Case Study

The Company

Fuel Talent matches high caliber candidates with top performing companies for full-time, temp to full-time, and long term temp positions.

The close relationships they establish with clients and candidates enables their recruiters to go beyond simply matching a skill-set to a job description, but instead, focusing on finding the right match for each company’s unique culture. Their fuel comes from the art of recruiting, thriving on finding the right fit, and going the distance to ensure long-lasting solutions that produce results.

The Challenge

As a company that prides themselves on their personalized recruiting and hiring practices, Fuel Talent needed a configurable Applicant Tracking System that would adhere to their workflow so that they could focus on quickly finding the perfect candidate, not wasting time adjusting to their systems pre-determined workflow. In addition to usability, they needed a more robust software which would benefit both the business development and recruiting teams through strong metrics reporting capabilities.

The Solution

The Avionté user interface, dedicated training and support, and constant product improvements were a welcomed change from their last system. But what really sold Fuel Talent on Avionté was the Business Intelligence Reporting. Now, they are able to analyze their business, quickly understand growth points, and make actionable changes from the results. Needless to say, Fuel Talent is very happy with their new recruiting software.

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