Case Study

The Company

Naviron is a sales recruiting firm specializing in matching top talent with remarkable companies across the country. Since 2007, their commitment to putting people first has led them to become one of the leaders in sales recruiting.

They provide a personalized approach with candidates to better understand their goals, interests and passion to ensure they are aligned with the right company and career path; giving every company they work with the confidence that Naviron will find the right talent for their positions.

The Challenge

The challenge with their previous applicant tracking system was trying not to hate it. Having recently migrated over to a new system, the team at Naviron tried to adopt the methodology, workflow, and functionality, but the platform just did not align with the organization. So, they set out to find a replacement ATS with a clean and simple workflow that they could configure to their needs.

The Solution

The most notable difference was the overall adoption. 100% of the Naviron team has successfully implemented Avionté into their workflow. Having an applicant tracking system that can be configured to your process has been tremendously valuable, not only with adoption, but with productivity as well.

“Avionté has helped us with managing client and candidate information in an easy way. The time it takes to post positions and the interface the candidate experiences for applying is very simple and perfect.”

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