Transparent Customer Service: 7 Tips for Staffing Firms

Companies make mistakes; it’s part of doing business and the staffing industry is no different.

What can set your firm apart is how you address the questions or concerns you hear from your clients, candidates and employees.

Customers like to feel you understand and hear them and they can count on you to have their best interests in mind.

Here are some things you can do at your staffing firm to be more transparent and achieve better customer service:

  1. Listen. Good customer service begins with understanding your clients’ concerns. The first step in making a client happy is for them to be heard. Let the client describe the problem in their own words without interruption. Then, approach a solution.
  2. Recognize. Acknowledge there is a problem. Take note of whether this is a one-time issue or part of a pattern. Ask follow-up questions to be sure you understand the entire problem.
  3. Apologize. Find out what you can do to make it right for your customers. Don’t assume you know. It may take less than you think or your attempts to fix the problem could miss the mark.
  4. Discuss. Explain what you think caused the problem and what you propose to do to prevent it happening again. Did you send an employee without the right skills because you didn’t really understand what the client needed?
  5. Learn. If a candidate did not meet client expectations, how can you make sure this doesn’t happen again? Does your process need improvement or internal employees need retraining? Every problem should be treated as a learning experience.
  6. Share. If the issue could impact other customers, resolve it for everyone or notify them so they are aware of the problem.
  7. Follow up. Once you have resolved the problem, check in with the customer to find out if they are satisfied with the resolution.

Customer service plays an integral role in your staffing business. By being transparent with your clients, you will build trust and goodwill with your clients and will increase client retention rates.

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