Cypress HCM

About Cypress HCM

Cypress HCM identifies, recruits, selects and deploys information technology, Marketing, Creative and Engineering talent for the best and brightest companies in the nation. By combining intimate knowledge of technologies and customer needs they deliver tangible value to each client we serve.


The Challenge

Cypress HCM, a San Francisco based staffing service provider, wanted to take their business to the next level without increasing cost or head count.


The challenge of diminishing margins and profitability in the 2009 economy was particularly acute for companies within the staffing industry. Cypress was utilizing a collection of disparate tools and technologies from multiple vendors resulting in silos of incompatible data, inconsistent reporting, and unnecessary administrative tasks.


The Solution

Cypress HCM adopted the Enterprise Edition of Avionté which gave them with an end-to-end solution, integrating their existing back office accounting software and a payroll provider. Since implementation, they have benefitted in the following areas:



• Visibility into the Prospective Client Pipeline

• Automation of Order Management

• Applicant Tracking

• Fulfillment

• Contract Management

• Sales and Recruiting Performance



• Back Office Expenses

• Equivalent Salaries

• Administrative Tasks

• Payroll Processing Time

• Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)