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Avionté Remains the Best Staffing Firm Software after a Decade

Personnel Resources, a full-service staffing agency based in Dothan, Alabama, has used Avionté Software for 9 years. 

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After nearly a decade with the same staffing firm software, they decided it was time to re-evaluate their staffing agency software solutions to determine if they were with the right partner for the next phase of their business. 

The Problem

Personnel Resources was anxious to evaluate the latest advancements in ATS technology, talent outreach, and mobile communications. Talent shortages remain a significant challenge. Personnel Resources’ ability to find and place talent rapidly with their clients was a key competitive differentiator. They launched a comprehensive evaluation to review over 20 separate software options to ensure they had the right long-term technology partner.

Staffing Firm Software Evaluation Process

Personnel Resources views their software provider as a critical business partner. Beyond software functionality, they also considered industry experience, service/support, and business reputation. Personnel Resources approached their evaluation process with a list of software must-haves, including:

While the search process focused on finding the latest cutting-edge technologies for recruiting, sales and client management, these activities also needed to tie back to the time keeping, billing, accounts receivable, and payroll functions required to operate the business.

Personnel Resources conducted a methodical and thorough review of software solutions. They subsequently hired a third-party consultant to confirm their analysis and identify best options. As Mary Beth Maddox, the Senior Executive Vice President for Personnel Resources explained: “No software company checks every single box, but some vendors clearly work better for running a staffing company.”

Staffing Software Evaluation Insights

This careful process yielded some important insights:

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Out of a vast list of potential software solutions, Personnel Resources identified only four viable options.

Of these four, they ruled out one major software vendor because they lacked critical back-office functionality. It required a 3rd party integration with a separate HR/Payroll vendor. Personnel Resources conducted in-depth reviews and demonstrations of the remaining three vendors.

To see Personnel Resources’ full findings and final conclusions, download the full case study here. You can learn more about Avionté’s comprehensive software for staffing companies to see if they are the right software solution for your staffing firm

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