Starting a Staffing Firm? 5 Things You Need to Check off ASAP

Thinking of launching a staffing firm? It’s a complicated, but rewarding undertaking. Here are five things to implement right away so you can hit the ground running with your new business.

Web Presence. Cash is tight when you are starting out, but don’t skimp on your website. Even if you have a great brick and mortar location, your website is your store front. It’s the first place people look to find out more about your business. You want to look professional and reliable – not like your nephew threw the site up last weekend. It should be great to look at, but functionality is even more important. The site must be responsive, particularly if you want to attract candidates; job seekers depend heavily on mobile. Learn more about staffing websites here.

ATS. The right applicant tracking system (ATS) can make all the difference. It will simplify all the administrative tasks associated with operating a staffing firm, help you manage contacts and keep you on track. It’s the best means of controlling candidate information. For more on what an ATS can bring to your staffing business. See our previous blog on this topic.

Training. Starting from scratch can give you a big advantage over more established companies. You can establish consistent practices that are easy to train and duplicate for continued success. Your team represents you. Be sure it’s a representation you are comfortable with. For more on the tools your team needs to succeed, see this blog post.

Marketing Strategy. Don’t open your doors on your first day without knowing who your target market is and how to best reach them. Your website is a great start, but don’t forget about social media, inbound marketing and direct marketing. The options are unlimited. Learn more here.

Sales Strategy. What is a realistic revenue goal for your first year? How much of that can you expect in each quarter? How will you achieve these sales? Decide if you will be making cold calls, networking or following up on inbound marketing or some combination of all three. For more sales tips, see our prior posts.

About Avionté:

At Avionté, we provide solutions for staffing firms that help you to operate more effectively and keep your operational costs down. Our comprehensive staffing software delivers integrated software systems that make it easier to drive growth, maximize profitability and streamline your administrative tasks, so that you can focus on your serving your customers. To learn more about the many benefits of Avionté staffing software, contact us today.

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