Meet our Executive Team


Karl Florida

CEO Connect on LinkedIn

As the CEO, Karl focuses on maximizing resources and empowering employees to deliver the best products, services and results to customers. Karl leads the Avionté team to accelerate innovation through strategic product and development processes, smooth and effective implementations, a high-level of customer support, and a continued focus on industry-leading partnerships. 

Karl has a 25-year track record of business leadership, with extensive experience in software and internet services. Prior to joining Avionté in 2017, Karl led the Small Law Firm business and the FindLaw business for information and software provider Thomson Reuters. Karl also co-founded the internet marketing services provider Return Path and led the e-Commerce software applications at Netscape Communications. 

“We never forget that our customers are the reason Avionté exists. We know that we only succeed when our customers succeed in generating better business outcomes by applying our software. This kind of joint success is only possible through a close partnership with our customers.” –  Karl Florida 

Avionte_LeadershipTeam_Theresa McGlothlen

Theresa McGlothlen

CFO Connect on LinkedIn

As the CFO, Theresa provides leadership and guidance for financial decision making and the strategies that ensure consistent, long-term growth for Avionté. Theresa instills the overall financial approach throughout the organization that enables every part of the business to function successfully. Theresa’s role is critical to introducing programs and strategies that enable Avionté to scale and meet the needs of more than 550 staffing customers.  

Theresa brings more than 20 years of financial management experience in high growth technology and customer engagement software companies such as Calabrio, Convey Compliance Systems, and Wizmo, Inc.    

“As a CFO, I feel it is important to understand our customers business models so we can continue to be a trusted partner that drives value to their businesses.” – Theresa McGlothlen 


Jami Klotz

VP of Product Management Connect on LinkedIn

As the VP of Product Management, Jami is responsible for being the voice of the customer throughout the product lifecycle. She ensures that the product and development teams understand the day-to-day challenges of our customers to ensure the customer voice is heard during the software development process. Jami also ensures the proper investments are made in resources and technology partnerships to accelerate the efficiency of customers’ day-to-day operations.  

Jami is leveraging more than 15 years of leadership in product management and strategy for software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions from businesses such as Orbitz World Wide and TravelCLICK. Most recently, Jami held the position of President & Chief Product Officer for nSight Travel Intelligence, a leader in big data for the travel industry.   

“Our customers’ success is truly my success. Partnering with customers to create solutions that drive tangible results and propel their businesses in ways they never even imagined motivates me!” – Jami Klotz 


Brigid Isenmann

VP of Customer Services Connect on LinkedIn

As the VP of Customer Experience, Brigid leads the cross-functional teams that directly impact the service experience and success of our customers in the areas of technical support, account management, training, and technical services. Brigid owns the customer journey and makes it a priority to ensure Avionté engages with our customers in a way that delivers incredible customer service with a positive business impact.  

With a background of nearly 10 years in the staffing industry, including Managing Director of Cynthia Cook, Inc., a full-service staffing company, Brigid has a deep understanding of staffing operations and the ability to see the service experience from an Avionté customer perspective.   

“My goal is to provide our customers with a truly customer-centric, comprehensive, and transparent customer journey. We strive to ensure that every interaction our customers have with Avionté is both positive and meaningful.” – Brigid Isenmann  


Brett Keirstead

VP of Client Acquisition Connect on LinkedIn

As the VP of Client Acquisition, Brett leads the sales and marketing initiatives in developing growth and go-to-market strategies that align with Avionté’s core market and objectives. Brett is dedicated to driving a high-performing sales culture that is focused on educating and bringing product awareness to the staffing market.    

For more than 20 years, Brett has helped companies build, develop, and manage high-performing sales and marketing teams across a variety of high-growth technology firms and large-scale payroll organizations. Prior to Avionté, Brett achieved 250% revenue growth while leading the sales and operational teams for technology marketing firm, Knowledge Beginnings. Brett also brings four years of experience as VP of Sales at Jobs2web, a cloud-based recruiting platform.  

“Our sales and marketing teams are motivated to educate the industry and drive awareness of the technology solutions that address the business challenges of today’s staffing and recruiting firms. I believe that every interaction we have with a potential customer happens with the highest level of integrity” – Brett Keirstead 


Brian Sterrett

Senior VP and General Manager of Partner Network Connect on LinkedIn

As the Senior VP and General Manager of Partner Network, Brian is responsible for managing and expanding Avionté’s partner network to continually bring new services to our customers to propel their business growth and streamline their processes. His role brings flexibility, power, and choice to our customers by providing integrated partner solutions certified by Avionté. Brian is responsible for delivering on Avionté’s customer promise to seamlessly leverage new technologies and services that allow them to scale their businesses and operate more efficiently.   

Brian has more than 25 years of operating experience in enterprise software sales, marketing, channel and general management executive roles. After starting his career with Accenture and Oracle, he’s lead growth in a variety of private equity-owned and publicly-traded software companies, most recently as the Global Head of Sales and Marketing for IDeaS Revenue Solutions. 

 “I enjoy daily opportunities to balance between being adaptable and predictable with our partner plans. The progress we are making is critical to helping our staffing customers be more responsive to changes in their own business.” Brian Sterrett 

Mike Allen

Director of Implementation Connect on LinkedIn

As the Director of Implementation, Mike oversees the onboarding journey of new clients during the transition from contract to live. Through Mike’s leadership, the project management team is responsible for providing credible, consistent, solutions-based guidance to customers, while driving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in value. Mike and his team partner with our newest customers to ensure they are realizing the full value and business impact of the Avionté partnership.  

Mike is a seasoned leader of implementation services, customer success, customer services and account management. Prior to Avionté, Mike held the role as Director of Acquired at SuccessFactors, a SAP company, where he was responsible for driving improvement programs for its acquired customers.  

“We know how anxious it can be to commit to changing solutions in such a critical area of operations. My team’s commitment and focus is to provide customers with a quality first experience with Avionté that sets them up for long-term success.” –  Mike Allen

Russ McClelland

Interim CTO

As the Interim CTO, Russ is responsible for the development and technology efforts of the company. Russ oversees the development and product teams to ensure strategy, roadmap and releases are aligned with our customers’ needs as well as company objectives. Russ also leads the team that manages the Avionté hosted services solutions.   

Russ brings more than 20 years of experience in the field of technology and has worked as a Developer/IT Director at Valtech, as well as the Director of Product Development and Director of Software Architecture at RealPage, Inc. His wide range of knowledge in the field ensures that our customers have robust software to run their business. 

“As CTO, one of the most rewarding aspects of my day is when I help my team think creatively about solving a tough problem for our customers. Working through the issue with our customer and the team together, sometimes just asking the right question leads us down a new path to a solution that wasn’t obvious.” – Russ McClelland

Meet our Board of Directors

Serent Capital is a growth equity firm based in San Francisco that invests in profitable, high-growth businesses. Their mission is to deliver extraordinary returns by partnering with outstanding executive teams to grow exceptional businesses. The firm partnered with Avionté in January 2014. Serent’s board of directors helps Avionté achieve its ultimate potential through thematic sourcing, comprehensive diligence and extensive business building efforts.
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